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Data Security is the main concern for any user. The focus behind data security is to ensure privacy
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Rohit Kumar
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28 February 2013

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Introduction of portable media devices and data sharing devices have made it immensely simple to transmit and transfer any information and hence any attempt to share information without the web facility can be easily achieved with the help of USB drives and Pen drives. However, a major concern of using these media devices is the danger of contracting any malware or virus which may corrupt the system it is connected to and make it dysfunctional. Also, another concern is accessing these devices is the security breaching problem, due to the danger of extracting confidential information by malevolent means. To keep such files secure from portable devices, Port Locker has been introduced that significantly lowers the risk of data leak by locking data ports.

Port Locker opens with a vivid looking interface with the chief options placed at the top panel and the left pane reserves the options for unlocking and locking the device port. The software is a wondrous utility to that reduces the jeopardy of data leakage and restricts unauthorized printing and data transfer through the network. The users can enable this utility and its features to control data access and disables them temporarily when the security feature is not required. This particular utility is required for any computer user as there can be numerous occasions for anybody to steal valuable data or confidential files while you are away from your system and takes just a few minutes to extract the specific data so it is always better to be safe than sorry.

To sum up, Port Locker comes across as a wonderful and constructive utility for computer and data users and can be an excellent medium to protect any file or database and hence scores a rating of four points for its impressive working.

Publisher's description

Port Locker is a tool that helps any user to block the unauthorized access to his computer. What it does is blocking unwanted access from/to your computer. Its purpose is to prohibit vulnerable access to certain ports. In this era, protecting the confidential data is the major concern. This tool equips the user to have a total security from data theft. Everyday data security is the practice of keeping data protected from unauthorized access. The focus behind data security is to ensure privacy while protecting personal or corporate data.
Port Locker is a complete Data Leakage Prevention software that empowers the user to secure their data and keep it confidential. User can block the external ports for different interval of time so that one can have total control over his system.
Port Locker
Port Locker
Version 1.0.3
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